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Disappointing Crimea


It might be a particularly freezing winter for Crimea’s people. Their city has not been totally recovered from the war, and they are suffered from the essential decrease of money. Moreover, the turbulent circumstance of the government with terrible management also made people depressed.


From the last year, Crimea’s people were immersed in the center of a big vortex. Russia’s tough attitude towards attaining Crimea, which was a peninsula with almost 60 percent of Russians, caused tremendous accusations from the rest of the world. Significant conflicts were boomed between Russophile party and Pro-Europe party. The conflicts spread from the political fields to military fields quickly and brought huge damages not only for Crimea but even the whole Ukraine, from sky, land, and sea. “Saturday’s attack, the deadliest in terms of civilian losses in the region in months, signaled a possible escalation in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where a September cease-fire deal has never really taken hold. Mariupol, a deep-water seaport on the Sea of Azov coast about 70 miles south of the city of Donetsk, was little touched by the bitter fighting in the region over the summer. Capturing the city would give the economically struggling regions controlled by separatists access to the sea.”(http://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraine-city-of-mariupol-hit-by-deadly-rocket-fire-1422100691?KEYWORDS=russia+ukraine) Crimea’s people have endured the negative influence of fights for months. However, Russia still could not concede stepping back a little. Why Crimea is so important? For Russia, it can be a bay for the Russian navy, which was an army with chronic blockage by the barrier of the landlocked disadvantage. More vital thing is Russia can broaden its navy power to the world based on Crimea. “The Black Sea Fleet has seen a flurry of activity since 2008: during the war with Georgia that year, the fleet staged blockades in the Black Sea. The Russian navy was actively engaged with Vietnam, Syria and Venezuela (and up until March 2011, Libya) ‘for logistics and repair services in their principal ports’. It has also been alleged that Sevastopol has served as the main source in supplying the Assad regime during Syria’s civil war and proved useful with Russia’s role in dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons last year.”(http://gulfnews.com/news/world/usa/why-crimea-is-so-important-to-russia-1.1305604) Furthermore, Crimea’s about 60 percent Russian people who share the same kind of consanguineous relationship with the citizens of Russia, provided a powerful legitimacy. This was an absolute superiority for Russia.


Unfortunately, the unpleasant situation will probably continue to be exacerbated. Rouble’s deject performance and the disappointing economic environment in Russia seems will keep for a while. After the big division of the former Soviet Union, Russia’s economy was unsteady for dozens of years. This phenomena should partly attribute to the unsuccessful diplomacy. Russia’s relationships with other European countries, USA, Japan could not make bilateral governments satisfied. As Russia’s tough attitude towards Crimea, it also received severe retaliation. “BRUSSELS—The European Union could extend targeted sanctions on Russian officials and separatist leaders when foreign ministers meet Thursday but there is little momentum behind a push for broader measures at this stage, EU diplomats said.”(http://www.wsj.com/articles/eu-may-extend-russian-sanctions-by-nine-months-1422471148) Such terrible circumstance’s victims are those Crimea’s people who have voted for coming back to Russia. Hoping their patriotic hearts will not be broken.